Kate Bennert '12 is Intern for NBC Oxygen

This week I got to record a cheer for a promo for "The Glee Project."  This was not the original plan.  Torrey had been in a great mood all day.  He was strutting around singing the chorus of Lady Gaga's new single.  When he passed by my desk for the eighth time that day still singing Gaga, he paused to do a little dance and then start yelling at everyone.  He wanted to find Leigh, but Leigh was not at her desk.  So he started yelling at other people to tell Leigh to be downstairs in 5.  When no one responded I took off my headphones (I had been logging Bad Girls Club footage all day) and looked in his direction.  I saw him mouth some words to my supervisor across the hall. She yelled back "Kate!"  Then Torrey said, "Kate, hi, could you tell Leigh that she needs to be downstairs for the cheer in 5... Also, you go too.  I want you to be there. Ok?"  I said "ok" and Torrey turned on his heel and began gliding down the aisle as if it were a catwalk.  Four minutes later I found Leigh and we made it downstairs for the recording.  So it was a great week... Torrey learned my name and I my voice will be on national TV!

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