Ian Wayne '12 Interning at POV for PBS

To my surprise, I've entered a world of fur coats, shrimp cocktails, receptions - I'm talking about award ceremonies, there won't be a shortage of them while I'm in NYC. Apparently, this is the MO in the documentary film circle, but I wouldn't have thought so. 

I'm working in public media, for crying out loud. PBS. Nonetheless, Jennifer, the well-dressed POV employee and fellow-Oregonian whose desk is adjacent to mine was fact-checking over the phone while I got myself situated Tuesday morning: "I just want to double check- I've got 18 Emmys, 10 Peabodys and 9 DuPonts."

 A quick search on the lightning quick desktop computer on my desk confirmed it- that's POV's record over the last 23 years. Not too shabby. Before I really had time to drink it all in, Andrew, production assistant and my boss, handed me a meeting agenda and a list of film titles. He tells me to get researching - there's a staff meeting in 45 minutes and we'll be going over the second half of the films for the season. I get to work and in no time I've seen trailers and read up on about nine hours of film - enough, I imagine, to promote me from "blank stare" to "nod and squint" at the meeting. Good work for the first day. 

I'm settling into my seat, looking over a meeting agenda I don't have a prayer of understanding, when Andrew addresses the room: "Anyone interested in going to the Cinema Eye Awards tonight? We've got an extra ticket." 

i>Blast, I think. Globalization seminar tonight. Oh well, maybe they'll brew a pot of coffee and I'll get a free cup out of the meeting. The phone rings. "That’s the pizza," says Andrew prophetically and he's out the door and back with magician-like speed. Five boxes of pizza arrive in Andrew's arms, including one topped with prosciutto. Andrew mentions that they forgot the Caesar salad, and co-workers scoff. I guess I won't be living like a rat, as I expected to do. 

 "I forgot to mention, DuPont Awards on Thursday night. Ian?" And there it was. I guess I'll have mom overnight my suit, I thought.

What a weird introduction to the world of media. Something's gotta give. This posh lifestyle can't be maintained for ever. It's all a matter of how and when my vacation with the upper echelon of film makers will end...

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