Life at The Martha Stewart Show With Intern Hayden Kiessling '12

As usual, on Monday and Tuesday I was very busy.  We had our Valentine's Day show on Monday, so everyone in the audience had to wear red.  When some audience members weren't wearing red, I had to run back to wardrobe and find as many red pashminas as possible.  We make the audience members wear the pashminas during the show because it looks better on camera than having them stand out.  Martha actually pointed out two audience members (live on air) who were wearing maroon.  The poor couple was so embarrassed.  I guess they do not have Martha's acute sense of color distinction that has made her Macy's and Home Depot lines so successful. 


 Tuesday was a two-show day, so I was handling audience members all day.  I had to do some research on Thursday for our upcoming gardening show, thinking of things that we could talk about, fun facts for Martha to share, etc.  On Friday I did a lot of running around the city, picking things up and dropping things off.  We used a huge bathtub in a segment on Tuesday that I had to return to the prop library at our corporate headquarters.  That was quite an adventure.  It took four of us to load the tub into a van to drive the 10 or so blocks to our other building.  When we got there, the elevator man who takes our van up to the ninth floor (the Martha corporate offices) refused to drop us anywhere but the fourth floor.  So we get to the fourth floor, I am sent to office services to pick up a cart and a helper to get the tub to the ninth floor, but of course it was 1 p.m. and there were no available helpers (all on lunch breaks). 


 So I went back to the fourth floor to deliver the bad news to the PA (production assistant) who is with me.  We had to do the tub alone.  With much effort (lift with the knees!) we managed to get the tub onto a trolley and load it into the freight elevator.  However, moving the tub out of the elevator posed a new problem.  The trolley broke on our way out.  So now we're holding up the freight elevator with our giant bathtub half-in-half-out, and the heavily tattooed elevator man is getting increasingly angrier as he watches us struggle to push our load out and offers no help.  The sense of accomplishment that I got when we finally wheeled that bathtub into storage was more satisfying than any free giveaways I've gotten since working there.


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